17 December 2007

Bulletins from the Mountains

Oops. Forgot to mention Scott Walker's commissioned dance piece "And who shall go to the ball? And what shall go to the ball?" It came out around Hallowe'en in very attractive packaging in a limited run of 2500 copies from 4AD. Perfect timing. Scary, and yet fun, dissonant instrumental music using drums, strings, gongs, and mild electronics that reminds me of classical compositions meant to tell scary stories, such as those collected on the sixties recording, "Witches' Brew," that I have. Since it misses Scott Walker's singular vocals, I can't give it the highest of ranks. However, this is not a significant, or fair, drawback, for it would be a different entity if it did have Walker's vocals. At about a half-hour, it is an angular, stop-and-go descent into a dark funhouse. I like doing work to it.

I'm also currently listening to Suzanne Vega's new album from this year, "Beauty & Crime," and though not far into it, I am enjoying it. When your boyfriend or girlfriend gets obsessed with something or somebody, you've got to give it some scrutiny and see if you can see what's there for the obsessing. I'll say this for Suzanne: she writes some great lyrics and occasionally some catchy and haunting songs.

Tonight, Joyce final. Mostly on the Wake. Which is, by the way, the most singular display of language and letters ever created. It is virtually impossible to understand, but fun to read nonetheless. It is nothing and it is everything. Strange. So today will be spent studying for that.

Then, I work 5:30-2 tomorrow, drive up to New Paltz, and take my Proseminar final. Am I anxious about all of that? Yes. My mind isn't so sharp after putting in eight hours in the coffeshop and waking up at 4:30 in the morning. So writing explications and deconstructions won't be very easy for me.


frankie teardrop said...

someone asked me in my livejournal if i would feel the same way about that record if scott's name wasn't attached to it... and i defended my stance firmly in the same sort of manner you state here. i couldn't give it the highest marks since it lacks his signature and paranoid croon, but it still is interesting and scary. i believe i ranked it in the lower portion of a top ten.

now, let's see if he can muster up a proper full length release soon.

modernaged said...

i spent all weekend sliding around orange county. now im digging myself back in to my albany abode and stuff. ill post some pictures of the excellent snow removal on my street.

you've gotta see this.

good luck with your finals! so close to the end.