14 December 2007

The Larkin Family Christmas Letter

Hello Everybody. Nice to write to you again. I've been thinking about my Christmas Letter for a while now, and for reasons mysterious to me, have decided that it simply must be in the third person. Here goes:

Kevin has had a great year overall. He won the 2007 Vincent Tomaselli Award for the Creative Writing of Poetry, a validating moment in his on again/off again relationship with poetry and its limited successes. He finally (finally!) graduated from his undergraduate career in college in May. That was one of the best days of his life. Pete, Anna, Helen, Eddie, Vince, Denise, Brian, Carolyn, Jacqueline, and Jacqueline's parents Allen and Ellen Ahl, all around one big table, consuming much in the way of beer and burgers. That's one for the videotape. Then, he decided to go right back into it, and is now completing his first semester of Graduate School at the University of his undergraduate degree: SUNY New Paltz. He is going for literature. It's harder than undergraduate school, if you would believe that. He has been hired as a TA for next semester, which means he gets to teach incoming students and freshmen how to write well and think critically. It will be a course partially of his design; the theme will be Lyrics as Literature. He has been passionately involved in the most consistent and serious musical endeavour of his life: a music project he and his friend and collaborator call Nachtmusick. He broke up with Jacqueline in the summer against his sagacious father's opinion. He came to know that his life didn't feel right without her, felt less worthwhile, less beautiful. A patch of darkness and squander ensued. They made amends and have been enjoying a relationship stronger and more fun than before ever since. While broken up, he had some excellent times with his family, most notably a few days in Lake George and Peter's wedding. He decided, while listening to the song he is right now while writing this, that the day he marries Jacqueline will be another day for the videotape. His favorite albums of the year are Boxer, by The National, Grinderman, Radiohead In Rainbows (which received copious amounts of press for being released online for whatever price you feel like paying and very little for its utter genius), a new album by an impossible-to-pronounce pretentious German band, and PJ Harvey's White Chalk. Indeed, much of his year has been shaped by the music he has been listening to and creating.

I hope that wasn't too weird for you. Just read it again like you're reading a small author bio on a book jacket. I hope you are all well and warm. I am looking forward to seeing you soon, what these holidays are really all about.


frankie teardrop said...

wait. wait... do i spy a typo at the start of this letter!? harder "that" undergraduate school.

you're welcome! hope you haven't sent this off yet...

KLA* said...

Yes, I saw them when I copied and pasted it into my e-mail version, and corrected them, but was quite annoyed to find them. I would say thank you, but you beat me to it. No, I didn't know Capote had a cat.

What about PJ Harv e r y? I was waiting to catch hell for that.

frankie teardrop said...

i must have missed that one, sad to say.

hey, i've given you a buzz and a text recently about matters most time sensitive. please get in touch soon, since i'll be heading home on sunday and need a little guidance.