16 January 2008

And people say I'm morbid.

I wish I could've gotten closer to these guys. They were black vultures, I believe. I initially thought they were crows, but when I looked closer...closelier...even closelier, I saw they had those waxen carnivale-like masks on their faces that reveal they are vultures. They were all eating--quite patiently--a carcass. It seemed to have been there for a while. I think it had been a deer. White snow , black birds. Red blood gone. Dessicated, frozen up deer corpse. They don't know burial.


modernaged said...

On the topic of carrion birds:

I was walking to the grocery store the other, listening to dark music on my dark iPod, and came upon a crow.

Now -- I think crows are gorgeous majestic animals, and was admiring his sheen and beak, and the motherfucker gave me the dirtiest look a bird has ever given me.

Now I don't know how I feel about crows. Are they always so ill-mannered?

frankie teardrop said...

vultures are both terrifying and fascinating- but then again, most creatures i adore are in that vein.

i miss birds that aren't pigeons.

james sherwood said...

here are some crows

I saw some turkey-vultures the other day tearing apart a doe carcass, but alas, I did not have my camera with me. It was virtually across the street from where I work (S. Ohioville).

KLA* said...

That's a cool picture of some crows strutting their stuff, throwing shapes. Your picture is close up enough to tell how beautiful they are, how sleek their black plumage is, how beady their eyes are and how slightly curved their beaks are--all on a street, as opposed to the fields going into New Paltz shown here.

Plus, I like your flickr name. More variations on James Sherwood, the Prodigal.