08 January 2008

The Day After

Some days I feel too tired and used up to care about much of anything or to genuinely want to do anything productive or useful. A day like today, I figure, would be a good day to try to learn more about the Democrat presidential candidates and get ready for the primaries, but the language of politics is endless bullshit and I have a difficult time willingly entering that world of money and petty grudges. I want to stay in bed and listen to Einsturzende Neubauten all day, but a room needs cleaning, communication with a few important people should occur, and I need to sweep away all the left over sand and salt used for thawing. Most bothersome is the very little amount that I have written or created anything lately. I'm working on a few writing favors and that is about it. Doing nothing will put me in a bad mood quick. What happened to the days when I would love a day spent doing nothing above all things? I am amazed to witness how much I have been enculturated into a society I so resisted earlier and how common I have become.

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Dave said...

Sadly, Winter takes its toll every year.