22 January 2008

My first hour at my desk.

Well, here I am. I am sitting at my desk, in my office. There are a lot of sloppy seconds around me. A lot. The place is kind of a mess. But this corner, right by the ET of POETRY, now POETR, is mine. I had to take down the hand written copy of The Red Wheelbarrow, a poem I hate, and some quote by C.S. Lewis about how prayer just gushes out of him all the time and he can't help it.

I've found a lot of Tom Whalen's papers. He gave good feedback. I'll have to let him know there are a lot of student papers here still and see what he'd like to do about them.

I'm listening to Mozart's Requiem. It is time to work on my syllabus. I have a lot of ground to cover.


frankie teardrop said...

settling in nicely, so i see. replace terrible quotations with a picture of blixa and a quip from 'four quartets' and you'll be off to a good start.

speaking of your classical kick, i have eroica for you. i may tentatively be coming home at dan's request this weekend...though i'm djing on friday, so i can give it to you on saturday, over many drinks, if you're in town. whaddya say?

KLA* said...

I would definitely be down fo many drinks to celebrate, should you choose to come to town.

modernaged said...

its a noice day fur a blaaaaack wedding ...

... yehaw!

jrs said...

You haven't posted lately--busy with classes, hmm?

Anyway, in light of your theme and your passion for music in general, I saw this and I thought I'd give it to you here:

Songs about death, on MetaFilter