01 March 2008

Cracked Actor

I hate cocaine.
I love David Bowie.

My favorite Bowie album is his most cocaine-fuelled.

Herein, the paradox is explored.
Bowie at his best (musically) and his worst (personally) is 1974-1975.
He divetailed from Diamond Dogs (what I consider to be his best album) to Young Americans (what I consider to be his worst album). In this film, which he won't even rerelease to make money, he sounds like a shallow twit, a bitch, and a vapid whore. His voice is going to pieces, he is ruining even his greatest songs with camp, and there is nothing sexy, admirable, or artistic about his persona and performance.
Here is the film he doesn't want you to see:

Cracked Actor Part 1
Cracked Actor Part 2
Cracked Actor Part 3
Cracked Actor Part 4
Cracked Actor Part 5

1 comment:

frankie teardrop said...

by the way, you realise that he was on even MORE coke during station to station era, no? '74-'76...