15 February 2008

Geneseo, February 15th

In this upstate New York town,
There are only seven ways to earn money:
Cut hair, sell flowers, peddle appliances,
Represent law, make subs, bury the dead,
Or work at the college.

The college, with its brave bricks
Facing the lashing wind and snow,
With its fluorescent lights leeching
Every room of its vitality,
Overlooks a lost purity.

Here, the camouflage cap and the town name
Hoodie are the heights of fashion.
One wonders how the daily bread is rationed.
Here, the church really looks like the proud
And beautiful defender of humanity’s need and salvation.

To put a metallic green bike in the window
Is to resist what time, politics, and isolation
Have done to this town, is to look up
While you are going down.

-Kevin Larkin Angioli 2008

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