13 February 2008

If I Had A Vigia

I am starting to have a passionate love affair with Ernest Hemingway. Jacki, please don't get jealous. I never thought this would happen. I didn't think he was my type. When I first met the guy, I thought he was a jerk. Pretty cold, too. With that iceberg thing and all.

When Chris Cornell was screaming "Show Me How to Live" on stages across the world, he should've been reading EH. Less money and chicks, but ultimately more rewarding than whining about your existence.

I promise that is the last time I'll mention audioknave in a post here.


modernaged said...

Chris Cornell could have done anything, literally anything, and it would have been more worthwhile than singing "Show Me How to Live."

Knitting, baking, painting his toe nails, shit he could have even watched paint dry on an Alabama barn door and it would have contributed more to his existence than than piloting the great Starship Craptacular aka Audioslave.

modernaged said...

And I think you forgot an "N" in the post header.

frankie teardrop said...

superunknown still stands up to the test. however, i remember buying that fucking audioslave album out of both yours and rich's excitement to take with me down to oklahoma. i couldn't even finish it, even then. yuck.

chris cornell has also lost all balls lately, as he's ventured into "soft rock" waters. may he be dashed upon them.