27 February 2008

The Narcitorialist

Since receiving a pair of new black Diesel Jeans, a pair of new Guess pinstripe velvet pants, a new black and gray hat, a new version of an old black ribbed sweater of mine, and more for my birthday, and receiving a black leather jacket for free courtesy of Erica and Gary at the recycling party, I have been feeling swank and like I am embarking on a new fashion period in my life. Part of it is due to being a professor and professional tutor and dressing up everyday. I thought maybe I would do a takeoff on the Sartorialist, where I just photograph myself and congratulate myself on my own good taste everyday as a way of poking fun at myself and allowing friends who don't see me often to see what kind of outfits I'm wearing. My fashion-fag friends (no names here) would probably dig it, and I love to take any chance I can to admit that I'm vain and materialistic, so no false impressions of me as some kind of Brendan Perry get built up, especially to myself, as the devil lives in my brain and "I am great deceiver."

So here are today's pics:


frankie teardrop said...

i would much prefer many more words than pictures, if i were to choose. i never cared much for your materialistic side (and still don't), but we've had this discussion a thousand times, and there's no need to get into it once more, as nothing will ever change how we were brought up and my own occasional flash of inadequacy is mine to deal with. i've been enjoying your flurry of posts otherwise, though!

and after that said, you do look swank. i just finished and the ass saw the angel and look forward to discussing it with you, as well as spending next weekend together. plans, soon!

KLA* said...


I am so happy to hear you have finished. I'll have to bring my copy with me.

You're right. Doing this is just my way of accepting these more negative qualities of mine. Again, fighting them is futile, as my squandered years as a buddhist proves.

But words are much better than images when it comes to my strengths and the reasons why we read blogs in the first place.

frankie teardrop said...

for the record, i'm not dogging you for doing it, just expressing that i hope it doesn't become a daily/regular feature.

a little bit of vanity is very good for the soul, especially if you're feeling confident, so it's not as if the occasional kevin struttin' shot is unwelcome. "chicks dig confidence" -the clitoris, south park: bigger, longer, uncut. but though i get the fun-poking at celebrity/fashion blogs, i avoid those for a reason.

nick cave: a fucking genius, in every medium. there's one bit of uncertainty i have regarding the ending that could use some discussion and clarity, but otherwise, i loved every single second of it. a grittier version of one hundred years of solitude on many levels, and its equal, through and through.

ring me up this weekend if you have the chance. i'll be running on gas fumes for most of it, but that show is sneaking up soon (!). Cossacks Are Charging begins tonight, and i hope some folks show, as i've got some sonic atrocities to commit.

frankie teardrop said...

oh, and dare i say that i thought that and the ass saw the angel had SOME sort of parallel connection with blaze, though obviously one is a clear literary masterpiece and the other is some enjoyable fluff? either way, both books made me want to teabag all of humanity for being so cruel, even if the protagonists weren't glorified innocents. i love the debate of human nature vs. human rendering.

can you see i'm itching to talk about this?

KLA* said...

The sign of a good book.

While I wouldn't debase Blaze as "Enjoyable fluff," there is definitely a connection with the narrator/anti-hero protagonist having to confront the frustration of being unable to communicate and of being who they are as a result of violence and inbreeding. One's crime is a religious statement, the other's is a confused yowl in a void where he no longer has his only friend. It is interesting that both are in love with their victims.