10 February 2008

Smile You Son of a Bitch

I am listening to Babe, I'm on Fire, perhaps the most manic and virtuosic rock song ever written. The next time you see a group of hippies and boomers sitting in a circle jerk about Bob Dylan, hit them over the head with a copy of Nocturama. On that note, no, I didn't get tickets to the Plug Awards Show with honorary award winner Nick Cave. I tried. Again and again, I tried. But it was too late. Meanwhile, I'm on fire. I'm on fire reading and researching the hell out of The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway (easily one of the best books I have ever read thus far). I am trying to find out about every person he mentions in "Banal Story," a page and a half head scratcher. Many of the persons referenced are boxers, one of them is clearly the inspiration for the fictional Jack Brennan in his story "Fifty Grand." He's got me all hopped up about boxing, a sport I loved as a child. Learning about all these dead white boxers is actually quite enjoyable, despite being tedious. "Fifty Grand" is a good story. I was hopping around the house boxing the air in my underwear and Mort Rainey hat last night after reading it. Got to put a smile on the Miss's face.

In other news, I just learned that Roy Scheider has left his body, not to return. I would like to state that I will always be grateful for his portrayal of Dr. Benway in David Cronenberg's audacious adaptation of the allegedly unfilmable Naked Lunch and of the police chief who finally shoots that atrocious beast who still glides through the waters of my dreams in Jaws. And yes, in case you were wondering, I forgave him for his involvement in 2010: The Year We Maked Contact, possibly the worst sequel ever made, long ago. Actors need to make money, too. Hence classic Gary Oldman films like Air Force One, Lost in Space, and The Scarlet Letter.

Back to where the action is--my Finca Vigia edition.


Pin said...

hi, ...the "babe, im on fire"-video makes it even better. have u ever seen it? its crazy-brilliant.

frankie teardrop said...

i thought you had them that night...? one word: fuck! i'll let you know if i see any for sale on craigslist.

did you actually sit through 2010? i never even tried. on that note, danny boyle's latest: sunshine, is one of the best sci-fi movies i've ever seen. you'd do right to watch it first chance you have.

KLA* said...

Pin: The "Babe, I'm on Fire" video is one of my favorite ways to pass fifteen minutes. I have it on the Abattoir Blues Tour DVDs.

Frank: Fuck is a good word for it. I've wanted to see Sunshine since I read my first review of it. I'm at the point where I watch any Danny Boyle movie, simply because he made it. Shallow Grave, Trainspotting, and 28 Days Later are all fantastic movies, and the imagery and plot description that I have seen all make Sunshine seem like a movie worth watching.

I don't remember if I made it all the way through 2010. I know that that was the moment I started to dislike Arthur C. Clarke, a prejudice I am yet to overcome. I remember floating monoliths and a Dave Bowman ghost. I remember a Disney-ish feel. I remember a shocking lack of good visuals, thought-provoking subject matter, ambience, and story worth following. In 2010's defense, it is the only sequel made to the best movie ever made. The only contenders are The Godfather II and ... well, there you have it, I can't think of any others. In any fight, I'm taking Kubrick's side, because few artists have done so much to nourish my brain and individuality.

frankie teardrop said...

you don't need to tell me twice and wax ecstatic about kubrick. for your reasons and my own, i will never, ever watch that god-forsaken movie.

alex garland is responsible for the screenplay for sunshine, and he's great. he wrote the novel for the beach (also a boyle film with leo dicaprio, i like it too), and also the screenplays for both 28 days AND 28 weeks later (which boyle had some involvement with). the two are a pretty unstoppable pair, appairently. see what i did there?

are you dissing godfather II? it's just as good as the original. for real real, not for play play. that third movie is the antichrist, upon rewatching it a while back. i used to love it back when, but...it's really not so great.

KLA* said...

yes, cute punning. you needn't point it out. i'm not dissing The Godfather II at all. I'm saying it;s the only other sequel that had to live up to its predecessor being the best movie ever made. ever.

There are many other movies I love; several of them have sequels, some of which are quite good. I would not feel comfortable calling an of those other movies the best movie ever made.

I am aware of 2001's shortcomings. It is cold, short on emotion and rich dialogue. It has almost nothing of sensuality. It completely bypasses complex human issues such as sex.

All that aside, it does something that neither a book (not even Arthur C. Clarke's short story or adaptation) nor a piece of music on its own can do. It fulfills the true potential of the film as a medium and penetrates some place deep in me.

Not to preach to the choir, as the cliché goes, but just to speak of it while we're on the topic.

jrs said...

*screams, crouches, hops, and bashes the ground with a massive human femur*