07 February 2008

Take your f*cking mallet and shove it

Remember those cool croquet people from the first post? They're fucking annoying. They're not so cool anymore. They've spent the entire day using the campus green underneath my window as en epic colisseum for their croquet competition and they have been whooping and hollering with the enthusiasm of people playing a real sport, rather than an upperclass past time. While we in our class rooms and offices toil over papers and stories, they play and crow and croak. My perceptions obviously differ due to mood, as my students point out in their papers about "Sonny's Blues."

So, to make concentration easier, I am listening to the maddening, heady, dissonant There Will Be Blood score, by Johnny Greenwood. I listened to In Rainbows earlier today and it was especially beautiful while listening to All I Need and gazing at a small tree planted in a small, rough pile of mud, the song opening up at the end and letting all of the other music entities of the universe pour in in what I think of as an anti-gravity chaos of ecstatic release. Hard to believe the same man that played those chords scored these austere lines of raking strings.


modernaged said...

Still haven't gotten to see There Will Be Blood. But as soon as it's released to DVD I'll be all over that.

I need a good robber-baron movie in my life.

modernaged said...

PS -- This is why you need an ample supply of water balloons in your desk drawer. Just fill them and lob them at offenders below. They don't hurt, but a douse of cold water in the winter will make anyone pack up and head inside and out of your head.

Oh, and balloons are cheap and plentiful, only a bit more expensive (though in shorter supply) than your other option, a litany of expletives hurled out the window.