22 February 2008

Where I Read

This is where I read. The chair is large and comfortable and perfect for reading. Jacqueline got it for twenty dollars at The Salvation Army. I keep a reading lamp on top of stacked old suitcases. I keep my clothes to my right. I drink water, coffee, and beer. I even grade in this chair. I am trying to make a home office for myself where I can get things accomplished and still be comfortable. The window above and behind my head is fine. I have always loved to read by daylight through windows, the slant of light falling on the page. A Farewell to Arms was wasted on me when I was younger. It has been ten years! I did not have enough experience with women, craziness, roommates, and the stuffy cliché elegance of the world to appreciate it. It is a funny book. It also speaks hard truthful sentences. Truths I may have even been aware of at the age of sixteen or seventeen but was still too high-minded and Romantic to admit to myself that I knew these truths, had even partook of them myself.

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modernaged said...

glad to see that hat back in rotation