27 February 2008

Why I Wear Black

I want to befriend darkness because it would destroy me if it was my enemy. My continual wearing of black clothes symbolizes this; it is the equivalent of an extended hand, of open arms and a slightly smiling face. Come, darkness. Eat. We're old friends.


frankie teardrop said...
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frankie teardrop said...

see, this is what i'm talking about. not only are you flexing your literary muscles here*, you're giving me a more lush image of what you're wearing than bombarding me with pictures and saying "do you see."

more, please.

*and since i made a stupid error, i clearly, am not.

Pin said...

Blixa Bargeld answered this question with "because it s practical" (and deep inside we all know - apart from all the other reasons to wear black - that he is right!

modernaged said...

Why I wear black:

Black lets your attitude speak louder than your attire. Depending on your attitude, black lets you stand out or blend in. Black is, and at the same time, is not.

When all your clothes are black, the tiny details and find craftsmanship is much more defined. An interestingly woven fabric, a fine detailing, a slim cut all become much more apparent when the viewers eye's are being bombarded by colorful trickery.

Black lets the whole world know you have a cat, also black.

I play with the whole gray-scale. Grays are wonderful, the darker the better, because they steel your appearance and snap you into focus. Gray is a color of strength.

White provides the contrast. White and black are polarizing. Picture a classic black suit, white shirt and black tie. The black tie over the small amount of visible white draws the eye in on your chest, the symbol of masculine power. You have your viewer captive, whether they know it or not.

frankie teardrop said...

why i wear black: it makes my penis look IMMACULATE.

KLA* said...

this round of dan vs. kevin dan wins. that is quite a fashion manifesto. i agree with the blixa quote that pin shared with us, as well. most days, it is easier and well suited to what I will be doing. days like today where i don't feel like wearing all black, getting dressed becomes more difficult.