04 March 2008

music for daydreams

In other news, Trent Reznor announced today that nobody needs to create any more music. He's got it covered from here on out. Thanks. That will be all.

(oh my god will this album stop rocking my fucking socks off?! music this good isn't supposed to exist anymore. whatever your flavor, it's on here. and yes, there are real DRUMS! including six gallon empty water bottles, garbage cans, and chains. Nivek, Cevin, Blixa, NU, eno, bowie, and especiually you mr. cave, just stop. go home. it's over. trent wins. what, you already went home mr. bowie. after touring and talking with trent, you realized just how fucking crazy talented he is and decided that if your options were putting out albums with george harrison covers and bad instrumentals or stopping, you would just stop? okay. suits me fine.)

ghosts: music for humans
language is obsolete


frankie teardrop said...

go away white is out today, as is dig lazarus dig (in europe or an import here). i bought the former, but don't really care about either in comparison.

however, i do care about the new boris and autechre records which just dropped this week as well (what the hell, march 3rd?) but they'll have to be listened to in a few weeks, after i've listened to ghosts I-IV about a dozen times...

modernaged said...

Red of Tooth and Claw also came out today. That's the winner for me today. Didn't bother picking up a tangible copy of Go Away White or Dig Lazarus Dig.

modernaged said...

PS-- I also foresee a long period of switching between Murder by Death and Nine Inch Nails, with intermittent lapses into the overly cerebral hip hop (Saul Williams and Aesop Rock) that I've been listening to. Add a dash of Sonic Youth and A Place to Bury Strangers and I think I'm set.