06 April 2008

Blame it on the black coffee.

So what was I doing today before listening to Gillian Welch and reading William Faulkner (Flags in the Dust is good, If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem is not) ? I was making whole wheat pancakes (delicious, turned out perfectly, thanks for asking), drinking black coffee from my new mug (hence the blogging), and listening to Radiohead (bends era, i.e. my iron lung ep and rainbows era, i.e. both discs of my special edition in rainbows).

Well, what have I discovered in my search for the edification of you, the twenty first century reader, in need of links and pictures, not just simple text? Gillian Welch has a live cover of "Black Star," my favorite song from The Bends. And it is good.

I love Sundays.

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