26 April 2008

Roman candles light the sky

It's a vinyl day. CDs of the morning were Year Zero from "The Good Soldier" on, skipping the bad songs, which made for a quite lovely experience ("In This Twilight" and Zero-Sum" are excellent shower songs—didn't know that before today) and Cat Power's covers album, which was Jacki's pick and made every song sound exactly the same and like its sole purpose was to make you cry and jump out the window. I actually left the house because I was getting so depressed from it and I feel like I make Jacki change the music too often, or am too in control of music selections. One song really sat me down and I almost started crying. Leaving the house didn't work. Thinking about my dear professor's wife dying and my own loss recently I cried in the car anyway. I wish my eyes had windshield wipers. Got all the way to Starbuck's and discovered my credit card was depleted and that I forgot my cash at home. Drove all the way back home and back. I am addicted to their new brew: Pike Place Roast. I used to be a Mudd Puddle fanatic but I've fucking had it with them. I still love some of the people that work there, but I've just really had it with them. If Starbuck's is going to act like a company should and the MP isn't, then, by dictates of a capitalist free market society, I'm going to happily be a "corporate whore" and get what I want.

So, for the vinyl.

Thus far:

Joy Division: Unknown Pleasures [180 gram deluxe reissue]
The National: Boxer [getting quite worn out on its hundredth or so listen]
U2: The Unforgettable Fire [Original]
Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares [Original]
Chris Isaak: Heart Shaped World [Original] (maybe)
Television: Marquee Moon [180 gram 4 Men with Beards Reissue, courtesy of Frankie Teardrop, good sounds dealer]

Only way to get through grading papers is good loud music. The research papers are in and I want them done by the end of the weekend so I can turn my full attention to my own work.

Tonight: dinner with the parents and my brother's fiancée and her parents

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