28 April 2008

Seventies Essentialized

Try arguing with this

Honestly, I am just getting familiar with Gang of Four and I don't know the Sly album, though I'm interested.
I think that Born to Run (or maybe Darkness on the Edge of Town) should be on there, and that one Pink Floyd album should be on there, no matter how you feel about them now. Also, Exile on Main Street is mentioned in one review but is not on the list, despite being a seventies album, and the single greatest rock and roll album ever made.*

Some of the writing is bad, but that's Pitchfork for you. And music criticism in its entirety.

I'm working on a mix to reflect the top ten. I'll post it here when it's finished.

*This is a fact, not an opinion.


frankie teardrop said...

actually a pretty good list! they actually got throbbing gristle in there? otherwise, i'd quibble with the order, but am pretty content with the choices (not counting the lack of bruce). i would choose the slider over electric warrior, but hey.

there are pink floyd albums on there. dark side, natch, and also meddle a few down. wish you were here is #36 and the wall is no. #32.

exile is no. 11, silly.

frankie teardrop said...

ps- except for the sly and james brown records, i have heard every single album on this list...

frankie teardrop said...

in regards to the above: who wants to touch me?

KLA* said...

oh i guess i linked to something greater than planned. I thought i was linking to a top ten list. i didn't check out the rest. the sly album doesn't sound great from the clips on the iTunes music store, but that's no way to judge an album. the wall is better than no. 32

and good call with the t. rex!