14 April 2008

Sunday Bloody Beautiful

Here are some photos from what was just one hour in a beautiful, beautiful day. Waffles with raspberry sauce. Reading old writing of mine. Watching There Will Be Blood again. Time spent with family. Driving home on country roads. Walking up and down the road a bit. Talking with neighbors and landlords. Eggplant parmiagana for dinner. Much, much more. To end the day, a chapter out of The Sun Also Rises.

What it is to be in the arms of grace:

This is our backyard.


jrs said...

with the sunlight and the angles and the fuzziness, these pics look to be straight out of the 70s.


KLA* said...


i've read Thoughts Upon Caesar's Death three more times since it's been in Chronogram.

What's in the poetry sections there usually looks pretty bad. WIth your sonnet in the midst, they look especially bad.