28 April 2008

Two New Mixes

First, one made from my favorite musical motif:

Alone. In the Rain.

1 Golden Hours/Brian Eno/Another Green World
2 Into the Light/Siouxsie & the Banshees/Juju
3 Stranger Than Kindness/Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds/Your Funeral...My Trial
4 Cold Contagious/Bush/Razorblade Suitcase
5 Blue American/Placebo/Black Market Music
6 Sex, God, Sex/Swans/Children of God
7 Day of the Lords/Joy Division/Unknown Pleasures
8 Secrets/The Cure/Seventeen Seconds
9 The Things You Said/Depeche Mode/Music for the Masses
10Magic&Loss/Lou Reed/Magic & Loss
11Every Day is Exactly the Same/Nine Inch Nails/[with_teeth]
12delta cadence (v.1)/Frank Deserto/A Prayer for Fallen Power Lines/Rain in 1954
13Obstacle 1/Interpol/Turn on the bright lights
14One Monkey/Gillian Welch/Soul Journey
15Spaceboy/Smashing Pumpkins/Siamese Dream
16Monkey/Low/The Great Destroyer

17(optional)The Unforgettable Fire/U2/The Unforgettable Fire

And, as promised,

Seventies Essentialized

1 Sombre Reptiles.Brian Eno.Another Green World
2 New Dawn Fades.Joy Division.Unknown Pleasures
3 5.45.Gang of Four.Entertainment!
4 When the Levee Breaks.Led Zeppelin.Four Gay Symbols
5 Europe Endless.Kraftwerk.Trans Europe Express
6 You're a Big Girl Now.Bob Dylan.Blood on the Tracks
7 Backstreets.Bruce Springsteen.Born to Run
8 Marquee Moon.Television.Marquee Moon
9 Rudie Can't Fail.The Clash.London Calling
11Nite Flights.The Walker Brothers.Nite Flights


frankie teardrop said...

glad to see the lou reed, swans, and hell, delta cadence on there!

cold contagious came on random the other day. it annoyed the hell out of me. but i'll chalk it up to my mood at the time.

70s essentialized is a good mix, nice to see your own personal tweaks on it!

the interpol obstacle songs are great, but do i really see that album cover on your current obsessions list? wowza.

KLA* said...

exactly. My music obsession of the moment is the song "Obstacle 1," not the whole album. I wrote a quote from the song to indicate that it was simply the song.

I recommend making both mixes. They are amazing. Anything you don't like, tweak.

Songs considered but cut from Alone. In the Rain.:

Cowgirl in the Sand
Beetlebum (Moby Mix)

Both songs use the motif, but just didn't fit and/or I was tired of them/have used them too many times.

frankie teardrop said...

phew! wait, isn't the stabbing in the neck line from obstacle 2? been so long since i've heard those. too bad the rest of their output is heinous. they did have some potential, didn't they?

i was already considering these mixes when you posted them up last night. i'll give it a whirl. i do think i generally like every single one of these songs these days, but i might find a substitute for blue american.

KLA* said...

Let me know what you substitute and I'll plug them in and give it a whirl. Might be better. Though, I have to say, Cold Contagious is ecstasy to these ears, still
, after all these years.

I never listen to Placebo anymore, but I threw on Blue American and have enjoyed it each time I listened to the mix.

I love Magic & Loss and Sex, God, Sex.

Great songs.

I have another mix up my sleeve, called "On Fire."