08 May 2008

As if you weren't hot

Oh, by the way, my blog being called swing the heartache and all that and me only mentioning bauhaus to tear their new album a new asshole when it already had at least one or two, one of which was probably wearing sunglasses and doing drugs, Peter Murphy is playing two small gigs next month. I'm well aware that I like his solo albums more than my entire readership combined, but I thought I would throw an invitation out there anyway—wanna come with me and see what his latest haircut looks like?

Peter Murphy's myspace


frankie teardrop said...

i was going to consider going with you, but i've got devo and a place to bury strangers to attend to. my apologies!

buying my bloody valentine tickets this weekend...

jrs said...

I read this and started singing . . .

You know the way
it twists and turns
changing colour
spinning yarns
you know the way
it leaves you dry
it cuts you up
it takes you high
you know the way
it's painted gold
is it honey
is it gold
you know the way
it throws about
it takes you in
and spits you out . . .

KLA* said...

yay james!

Cuts You Up is soooooooo good, as is much of Deep, which I listened to after making this post the other night. So maybe you, mon ami?