08 May 2008


Please take ten minutes of your day and listen to Crescent, from the 2005 Dead Can Dance tour. I don't remember them playing it, but my memories of that night are pretty psychotic and mixed up. It is the third song down in the player.

This song alone merits buying one of those fancy limited edition live show CD packages from the 2005 tour.

I am about to listen to it for the seventh time in a row.


noiselessinfinity said...

So, you bought one of those fancy 2005 tour CD sets? I've been kicking it around, only hesitation being my lack of income. I'm saving up for the reissues.

Sounds pretty cool.

KLA* said...

I didn't. But I would, if it was somewhat within reason.

noiselessinfinity said...

Yeah, 25 USD plus shipping equals ridiculous charge. Maybe when I'm rich or something.