21 May 2008

Free, Free at last

Feel that lightness in the air? That awesome power of possibility? That's because


I got every last paper and final exam done and graded every last student paper and exam and submitted the grades. (I did all of these very exact up to the decimal calculations and then found I could only give letter grades, and there's no A+, how gay is that!)

I discovered that along with the incredibly easy Pages, I also have a prorgram called Numbers that has a gradebook option that is beautiful and would have saved me a couple hours or more. Upon closing my Calculator application, I found it had disappeared from my computer when I tried to reopen it and then went on a quest for something to help. THe techonology gods were pushing me toward higher technological embrace and awareness. I <3 AppleWorks.

Today I am going to: take a walk, while it's still fresh outside, read Blood Meridian(so far, awesome), clean dishes, work on my CV, apply for a summer job or two, and go to the midnight showing of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.

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frankie teardrop said...

hell yes! high five!

how was indiana jones?