20 May 2008

Get yer McCarthy on

To answer your retort, Chris, yes, if the movie doesn't suck and it has an okay cover that isn't simply a picture of a celebrity, or er, Actor, then sure, put it on there. I remember the original mass market cover for this novel because I came across it in Stop and Shop before I knew who Cormac McCarthy was and I liked the title, picked it up and started reading it and had a hard time putting it back and getting my groceries. That cover was similar, except the sky was red colored, which suits McCarthy's vision of the West. This cover is good though, because the guy on the cover, Llewelyn, is on the run, with cash and a gun, and the man whose eyea are in the sky, Chigurh, does have an indominatable detached presence, a fixed gaze with calm murder behind it from which Llewelyn feels unable to escape. That, anyway, is my sense of it. i haven't finished reading it yet nor have I watched the movie. It calmly announces Now a Major Motion Picture at the top in small print and says "A Novel"—no shit—in smaller print underneath the title. The author's name is in raised lettering and it announces that he is the Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author of The Road, which every reader of this blog who has not done so yet should read. That book will eventually have a movie tie-in cover with Viggo Mortensen's beautiful face on it, and that will be a shame, because a black cover with the words The Road in raw red letters is about as close to the spirit of the novel as you can get.

I need to get reading, speaking of which. I'm hoping to present a paper on McCarthy this November, but my abstract is due at the end of the week, and all I've read is The Road and the first quarter of No Country for Old Men.

See the child...

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noiselessinfinity said...

It wasn't really a retort. More of a musing. An alternate proposition.

As for The Road, I'll get on that... someday. My book backlog is looking rather frightening since they keep coming in but seem to sprout legs and hide when I want to read them.