14 May 2008

I said Hey! Hey!

Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, and Bruce Springsteen are the three best songwriters of all time.

Speak now or forever hold your peace.


noiselessinfinity said...





frankie teardrop said...

yeah dude. nick cave. sorry, someone's gotta get bumped. i can't choose which though.

waits and cave arguably draw from the same influences. did you ever notice how their careers are sort of inverted? nick started off as a semi-sonic/semi-experimental musician, and has settled into some lovely balladeering while you might be able to say the opposite of tom waits, who started soft and now is a gruff old man with a penchant for percussives and noise.

the two obviously can slip back into old habits when necessary, but there's food for thought.

noiselessinfinity said...

did you ever notice how their careers are sort of inverted?

I was thinking the exact thing about the exact pair of musicians just yesterday. I was also thinking about Scott Walker (let's just expand this to five and include Cave and Walker), the topic on my mind being artists that have gone through significant changes in their styles over the years.

modernaged said...

Ok I'll vote for Cave too.

I also have some votes for some of most "interesting" song writers that still wow the fuck out of me:

Gavin Rossdale. Ian Curtis, Richey James Edwards? While not the "best," they embodied crazy, fleeting brilliance. Plus they disappeared, died, and sunk into being a pop star's breeder. Damn.