16 May 2008


Check these out. They're very beautiful, especially the one with the house. I disagree with the over-ethereal grand winner selection.


noiselessinfinity said...

I can't even look at the runners up because it keeps throwing a bad request error. Why the fuck should you need to view a damn picture through Quicktime?

However, judging from squinting at the mini-picture, I would have given the house the winner slot. Maybe it was felt the horses image better fit with the band's aesthetic. I don't know; I don't really listen to them.

KLA* said...

Oh, they're actually videos. I'm sorry to hear you can't watch them.

Their third album ( ) hits a very deep spot sometimes.

I'm listening to it now. Just the last track, track eight.

I don't know why, but I just feel ill, beaten, and fucked.

frankie teardrop said...

i like the winner, don't get me wrong, but the others are better, for sure. this is for sigur ros' site then? they've always had that mystifying and beautiful edge to them. i still have a big place in my heart for those two classic records.

i'll have to actually sit and watch the videos when i get home/have some time tomorrow. even the screenshots are amazing.