16 May 2008

My Favorite Sandwich, or the advantages of teaching parallelism

I feel better after meeting with my new client at the Red Rooster. Good toasted ciabatta bread sandwich with mozzarella, tomato, basil, pest, olive oil always does me some good. I like him and it's good to be working with an adult. He's very amusing about his Jewishness in a way that is very endearing. I still don't feel right, but it's somewhat alleviated. I think finishing this son-of-a-bitch morbid paper on "The Fly" will go a long way.

Then there's those strawberry harvest Abitas I picked up...

1 comment:

frankie teardrop said...

sandwich sounds delicious. what kind of paper are you writing on the fly?

and hell yes. enjoy those abitas, won't you?