03 May 2008

one more thing

I reckon y'all might enjoy this.


frankie teardrop said...

that's some smoooth music...

oh wait, that's just the reese's commercial.

i prefer this version to the album counterpart. more haunting.

wait, are they claiming it's 'bodysnatchers?' it's 'reckoner,' isn't it? one of the few songs i actually care for.

KLA* said...

yeah, that reese's shit is something, isn't it. if radiohead went even farther into the booty direction than in rainbows.

bodysnatchers: yes. they are. i don't know why. vh1 is stupid.

last i turned it on, they had some stupid program on about britney speared. their counterpart, vh1 classic, which i don't have, was playing No Direction Home, the Scorcese documentary on some folk singer from the sixties.

frankie teardrop said...

did you see the meat loaf commercial, too? LET ME SLEEP ON IT?

oh man, times are hard.

ps- i just called. i plan on spinning 'sponsor' tonight. i was wondering if you'd be kind enough to send me the rest of the quitzow album for perusal. i want to hear the whole thing, and now! i will certainly buy a copy from her first chance i get, otherwise.

noiselessinfinity said...

I got a Sonic Java Chillers ad. Without any real music to it. Lucky bastards with your Reese's commercials.