13 May 2008

one more week


i have never worked so hard in my entire life.

trial after trial after test after test after paper after paper.

good Christ, just let me end this thing with dignity and grace.


modernaged said...

I know how you feel.

I just finished that week. Now I just don't know what to do with myself. You should come up to Albany when you're done. I know Lindsay wants to see you too!

jrs said...

Seriously. I'm working on maybe 4 hours of sleep in the past three days. It's 5:12am now, and I'm going to crash for three hours then get up and finish a paper--it's due at 5:00pm today.

Deep breaths, and know that it will end, know that it must end.

KLA* said...

James, I salute your ability to forego the necessities of sleep to get what you must done. I go nuts without sleep and my productivity shuts down, so I'm getting sleep, but I don't understand why the hours and hours I work don't seem to be enough to accomplish everything.

noiselessinfinity said...

Around this time of the semester would be when I'd take a three day vacation from the comforts of my bed and work on essays the whole time. My memories of finals time is a blur. Admitted, that was four years ago, but still, you'd think I could remember something about them.

Good luck, and much caffeine.

KLA* said...

The coffee pot is constantly going; Heart-crushing amounts of caffeine are going into my system. I never realized what a drug user I was before.

And now, Tom Waits to help the final stretch.

What did you think of Frank's mix?

noiselessinfinity said...

Re: Frank's mix

I haven't actually listened to it, so any estimation is based on memory.

"Gun Street Girl" probably should have gone farther down in the list. It's a little long and slow for a second track. Other than that, he made a lot of good choices. Narrowing Waits down to 13 measly tracks isn't an easy task.

modernaged said...

I'm way into it. I think it's in the air.