05 May 2008

An Open Letter to the People Who Make Nine Inch Nails Music

On my third listen since downloading it at 3:00 in the morning last night.

Dear Nine Inch Nails and Related Entities,

Thank you. So much.

Atticus, Alan, Michael, Robin, Josh, Alessandro, Brett, Alynn, Amy, Rob (!), Cori, William, Michael W., Gary, David, and you, Trent,—Thank you, thank you, thank you.

As if Ghosts wasn't enough, you keep dropping musical manna in these impoverished times.

From all of us, doing our small thing from day to day, thank you for making it better with such wonderful art and for giving it freely and quickly and beautifully.

With big fuzzy, crunchy, loud Love,

Kevin Larkin Angioli

For readers who don't have it, go get it, now.
For some of you older ones, some of the album might be way louder than what you prefer to listen to, but there should still be at least three songs you have to love.

"Discipline" has become my favorite sweaty, sexy dance song. I have listened to it fourteen times now.

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