08 May 2008

Space Cadet

That's right. Self-actualizing the absentminded professor cliché that I have become, I forgot to put the coffeepot into the coffeepot machine. Put the grinds and water in there, pressed the buttons, and walked away, thinking about more important things, like the way one has to deeply understand art history, war strategy, World War II history, the Bible, Venice, and Dante to fully appreciate Hemingway's 1950 novel. So into my abstract world of thought that I didn't even notice I hadn't even put the coffeepot in the coffee machine!

I need some help.

I guess this is worse than scrawling ee cummings quotes like "goatfooted balloonman" on desks during disappointing classes.


noiselessinfinity said...

The problem with coffee and coffee machines is that you typically aren't awake enough in the morning to operate the machine. You know, because you haven't had your morning coffee yet.

KLA* said...

An astute point, indeed, my philosophical friend.

But this was at three o'clock this afternoon.


frankie teardrop said...

click me

noiselessinfinity said...

Those afternoon naps can leave you groggy, sometimes more groggy than the overnight sleep.

Distractions don't help either.

KLA* said...


Thank you Captain Jean Luc Picard!

jrs said...



I also wrote "eddieandisabel" instead of "bettyandisbel." 'Cause we were speaking of eddie in Bowen's Death of the Heart.

It's that time of year; I'm outofmymind too.

Try a single-serve coffee press-- the "Brazilian" from bodum. Not Brazilian wax, Brazilian coffee-press. (though the waxes are pretty cool)

I'm fried.

KLA* said...

yeah, sounds it. I know you wrote it—I watched you do it, and thought, oh man, there goes james.

modernaged said...

Thanks for the smile, friend.