10 May 2008

Tired of all this darkness

New Drink: Fuzzy Navel. Peach Schnapp's, Oranger Juice, and Ice is a cool, fine way to end the day. It is refreshing when you're in that seventh inning mode with your paper.

Lots of 45s today, but right now, it's my 33 of Darkness on the Edge of Town.

Here's some pictures of me listening to Bruce Springsteen and drinking. How blue collar and pointless.

When we found the things we loved
They were crushed and dying in the dirt
We tried to pick up the pieces
And get way without getting hurt

To get to Candy's room, you've got to walk through the darkness in Candy's hall.

Annoyingly, the record rarely skips but "chooses" do so on some of my favorite lines and times. Other than that, sounds great.

Back to my work on Mansfield, Death, and Darkness.


noiselessinfinity said...

The Fuzzy Navel was my grandmother's personal favorite.

modernaged said...

I can't wear anything but black.

I actually bought a whole bunch of new black threads today. Pictures later, along with an update of my most recently published works.

KLA* said...

i look forward to it.