19 May 2008

Today's Adventures

Woke up at 6:50 and got straight to work on one last dangling part of a final exam. Eight pages of work. Found in my kitchen a BREAD SHARK! OH NOES!

Finished paper. Printed it up. Drove it to campus to leave in mailbox. A black cloud suddenly descended right over the part of New Paltz Campus I was on and proceeded to rain down hard upon me. I got in my car and drove ten feet to get out of the rain cloud, then went to the Mobil where there definitely was no rain and paid thirty dollars for 7.5 gallons of gas, roughly a little over half my tank. Drove down to Goshen. Went out to ye olde Middletown. Went to Borders for some good old bookshopping with Mom (who cannot stand to be without a book) and as I picked up copies of Cormac McCarthy's All the Pretty Horses and Blood Meridian (Or the Evening Redness in the West) while Mom picked out some books. She did a pretty good job. House of Sand and Fog by Emerson Alumni Andre Dubus III and these two:

Not a sticker! Wet willie finds a way onto my book! Argh! Hey, Old Snarky You! I've got some snark for you. Since when is it too difficult to put a fucking sticker on a book to tie it into a movie? As if I didn't get it by the fact that there's an edition with Will Smith right next to it and that it has the same title as the mass-publicized and advertized movie, I need a giant red and yellow star printed onto the cover of the book over the fantastic zombie vampire faces. Ach!

Had lunch at Ruby Tuesday. Tilapia and shrimp in a creole sauce. Twas good. Got a pair of sandals in the event that it is too hot to wear boots and I want to subject the world to monstrously large, pink, hairy, velociraptor clawed toes.

Drove back to Goshen to sign my name on at least seven different pieces of paper to switch registration. Heard exciting news from Carolyn. Looks like I'll be going to weddings two Octobers in a row. As if October wasn't the best month already. Went outside to close my car windows and stood still as a hail storm descended upon me, white balls pinging and bouncing of my jacket and hat. Then it changed into rain and I went back inside. Bla, Bla, Bla a bunch more boring stuff with insurance and registration. Went into the gigantic un-put together three dimensional puzzle vomit that is the Government Center. Whenever you walk in there, it is still the eighties. Amazing how government buildings and only government buildings really have that quality. Got new license plates and turned in my old beaten up Ob La Di ones. Now my license plate starts with EGZ, which is pretty cool, because I love eggs and they are a major symbol in the book I'm reading right now (The Garden of Eden). It's amazing to think my car won't say Ob La Di anymore. I was ready to let go of it.

Then, went back to the parents and after whole day of balck clouds and white clouds and blues skies and greys skies and weird layers of cumulus confusion with intermittent showers and even a hail storm, a rainbow came out, bright and vivid and cooler than these pictures suggest.

Drove back home in beautiful weather and now have to finish grading all of my students' research papers and final exams (the ones I haven't yet, on Redukt!) before a certain time I need to look up tomorrow. Blue skies and still mysterious sprinkles sometimes.

the end.


noiselessinfinity said...

Nah, I think you got the snark shark snack attack on that one.

The question I raise is would we be as annoyed if the movie were actually good, or at least compelling enough to not mind a tie-in? Say, if the book Naked Lunch were printed with the typewriter-for-a-head image off the DVD box on the cover? Cool image, so I wouldn't mind. Will Smith: not a cool image, lackluster movie, thus we are annoyed to no end.

modernaged said...


frankie teardrop said...

amazing entry.

ob-la-di is outdated as fuck, but there was a charm to it! i'm sad to see them go.

otherwise, enjoy some great reading. i can't wait to hear what you think of 'i am legend' when you finally get around to it. i wish you could burn off that eyesore. a black marker dot would be an improvement.

noiselessinfinity said...

Behold the power of Sharpie.