04 May 2008

Top Five (Six) Nick Cave Albums


5. Abattoir Blues/Lyre of Orpheus tied with From Her to Eternity
4. no more shall we part
3. Let Love In
2. Your Funeral...My Trial*
1. The Boatman's Call

*Originally released as two EPs. Can I still count it as second favorite album, which implies LP? Furthermore, its tracklisting on CD is immensely superior to its original tracklisting(s) [1-Sad Waters, The Carny, 2-Your Funeral...My Trial, Stranger Than Kindness 3-Jack's Shadow, Hard On For Love, 4-She Fell Away, Long Time Man], with the exception of the fact that it adds and ends with the ninth track of "Scum," an overly intense reaction and personal attack on a reviewer in NCM who simply said that Cave's second album, The Firstborn is Dead, "lacks the dramatic intensity of the first," which was handed out as a flexidisc single (no B-side) at concerts and does not have the lyrical or musical sophistication to be grouped with these other eight beauties.

(p.s. Listening to The Carny more than four times in two days does strange things to one's brain and is not entirely recommended)


frankie teardrop said...

i would accept your funeral...my trial as an lp, as it was reissued soon after as such. it's really climbed my ranks, too.

i like yr list. all five might comprise my own personal top-five, but in a different order, perhaps. no abbatoir.

how many times have you played tender prey? have you heard henry's dream yet?

KLA* said...

I have listened to Henry's Dream. I like some of it, don't like other songs a lot. It's like Murder Ballads for me. Some of his best and some kind of meh. I don't expect I'll really get into Tender Prey until I get a copy on CD or vinyl. As of now, it suffers the fate of being intangible to me. I don't love either Deanna or City of Refuge. I like Up Jumped the Devil, but not in the huge way I like so many of his other songs. I love The Mercy Seat. It is such an awesome song that it overshadows the next few songs on the album, which impinges my enjoyment and my willingness to keep going with it.

It's nice to leave a couple albums to listen to more when times are slow or I've listened to my favorite albums too many times.

I feel like Your Funeral is a cousin to Heroes.

You, Me, Berlin. Someday...

But we'll leave drugs out of it.

frankie teardrop said...

i agree about the kinship the two share. best two albums recorded in berlin? throw the idiot in for a trifecta and i'll bite.

let's go. absolutely. if the funeral crashers ever get signed, i am insisting we finish writing new material/record there.

you still have a whole nick cave world to discover, with all the collaborations and one-offs. let me know if you want more info on that stuff, from one brain to another.

frankie teardrop said...

ps- i deleted 'scum' since it also appears on the b-sides and rarities collection. v.useful. like that song, but nothing follows 'long time man,' thanks.

though speaking of counterparts, i do enjoy 'some are' after 'subteranneans'