28 May 2008

Two Nostalgic Mixes

Made a couple throwback mixes the other day to mix up the obsession with Woven Hand that is still going strong. The first one, 17, is based on the idea of songs I loved around the time I was seventeen and eighteen. The second one, calm, is based on the idea of simple two note beatbox and keyboard kinds of songs.


Leave Me Alone//SPY
Stone//Unbelievable Truth
In the Blood// Better Than Ezra
The Sky is a Landfill//Jeff Buckley
Beautiful Friend//cranes
Slave//David Garza
You're So Great//blur
Greedy Fly//bush
The Last Day of Summer//The Cure
Enigma of the Absolute//Dead Can Dance
The Way Things Are//Fiona Apple
I of the Mourning//Smashing Pumpkins
Like An Animal//The Glove
Masked Ball//Jocelyn Pook
Nothing//Depeche Mode
The Complicity of the Grey Sky//me


Standing Outside a Broken Phonebooth with the Money in my Hand//Primitive Radio Gods
Streets of Philadelphia//Bruce Springsteen
Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?//Moby
Waiting for the Miracle//Leonard Cohen
Motherless Child//Martin Gore
The Model//Kraftwerk
Mircale Road//In the Nursery
Surrendered//Peter Murphy
Sky Blue [Martin Bennet Remix]//Peter Gabriel

Working on the revision of my C.V. and making a Carbonmade portfolio and an abstract for SAMLA conference. Hence the infrequentness of posting and the brevity of this post.


frankie teardrop said...

love the first mix, a lot. what a good idea. with my recent unearthing of dirt, i may give this a shot, seventh grade style. or maybe a middle/high school favorites mix in general.

John Stewart said...

I like your selection of Peter Murphy here.... it's easy to pick a selection that jumps the shark with that one :)

modernaged said...

Wow -- an "old favs" playlist is a real neat idea.

I would jump on the bandwagon as well, but I've gotten rid of a lot of the music I listened to back then after outgrowing. Now many mixes you can make from the Fragile, Lateralus and Black Market Music.

frankie teardrop said...


check it. an italian torch song mix a friend made for me. i am listening to this for the third time today.

KLA* said...

I gave that well-named mix the ol' colege try. I lasted up until track nine,

You can't call me closed-minded, though. I wanted to like it and for it to disprove my experience and opinion of Italian popular music.