07 May 2008

When Hollywood Defecates on your Favorite Book

For those of you suffering from what was done to "I Am Legend."

You're welcome.


modernaged said...

That is ... um ... pretty much exactly how I feel.

I actually tried to watch I am Legend. There is barely any of the the book in there. Sleep rescued me.

Watching it wasn't as painful as seeing a copy in Borders today with a huge "NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE" all over the cover.

Matheson rolls in his grave, I'm sure.

KLA* said...

I hear Hollywood did a much better job when they adapted his novel What Dreams May Come into a motion picture.

I'm with you on the em-effing movie tie-in covers.
I am currently looking for a copy and it is hard to find one without that cover. Whatever happened to stickers? Now sticker-images are printed as part of the cover, covering up much of the art.

It makes me a cranky old man.

This short movie is such a pleasant way to laugh out my anger over this stupid shit.I love the fake Will Smith song, "Wet Willie," at the end.

noiselessinfinity said...

If I ever get a novel published that is turned into a motion picture, part of the contract will be that the cover of the book remains unchanged.

And A Novel will not be anywhere on the cover; I'm giving my readers the benefit of the doubt that they aren't a pack of idiots and can figure out that it's a novel.

This edition doesn't seem to have the problem you have encountered: http://www.amazon.com/I-Am-Legend-Richard-Matheson/dp/031286504X/ref=pd_bbs_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1210221853&sr=1-2

KLA* said...

Thanks Chris. That does look good. I've seen that one in stores before and always liked the cover. Now, if we could just lose that Dean Koontz quote. I got over Dean Koontz in sixth grade (after reading half of his books). That guy shits books like a hen lays eggs.

Now, my only problem is learning to trust Amazon. Last time I ordered a book from Amazon, I ordered Death in the Afternoon and got The Sun Also Rises instead. Grr.

frankie teardrop said...

this is classic, both as a relevant nod to your hemingway obsession and a hearty dig at will smith, who is just as loathsome as the hollywood studios who place him in these book-raping films.

i can't wait for you to read 'i am legend'- hope you can get a copy soon.

love how the industry forgets that there already have been two movies adapted from this story (the last man on earth + the omega man, the former which is a very faithful vincent price adaptation). three, if you count night of the living dead!

modernaged said...

When I read it, it was packaged in a very large book containing another novella, Hell House, and a handful of short stories.

Hell House is the definitive modern haunted house story.

It would be worth it to read that one. I got it from Laura's mom though, so I don't know where else to find one.

KLA* said...

Yeah, I remember you reading Hell House and being stoked about it, Dan. Matheson is definitely next on my targeted authors to possibly obsess over.

After doing some research, I've learned of the earlier two versions and am actually interested in seeing them after I read the book.

Turns out, I share the same birthday as Matheson. He was born February 20 in the year that The Sun Also Rises was first published. He is alive now, still writing, at the age of 82.

He also wrote the story and then the script for Duel, Steven Spielberg's first film, which has been a huge influence on that guy from Maine I like a lot.

Oh, and Dan: He wrote a slew of Westerns in the 90s. You should get on that, oh dusty one.