15 May 2008

Whiskey with a Nail

1: Make It Rain—Real Gone
2: 2:19—Orphans: Brawlers
3: The Earth Died Screaming—Bone Machine
4: Hold On—Mule Variations
5: Dirt in the Ground—Bone Machine
6: Temptation—Franks Wild Years [sic]
7: November—The Black Rider
8: You Can Never Hold Back Spring—Orphans: Bawlers
9: Cold Cold Ground—Franks Wild Years [sic]
10: Clap Hands—Rain Dogs
11: Misery is the River of the World—Blood Money
12: Heartattack and Vine—Heartattack and Vine
13: Don't Go into the Barn—Real Gone
14: Bottom of the World—Orphans: Brawlers
15: Come On Up to the House—Mule Variations
16: Watch Her Disappear—Alice
17: Ol' 55—Closing Time
18: Tom Traubert's Blues—Small Change


frankie teardrop said...

put this together with mine and you have an all time essentials- agree?

i gave closing time and the heart of saturday night a listen yesterday. i still don't care much for them, but each have a few great tracks. your choice from the former was one of them.

a livejournal pal recently mentioned that tom wait's earlier material is best enjoyed as spoken word, as the music is seldom exciting. it's more the stories and the characters. i guess i can see that.

KLA* said...

Though I think we have both done great jobs, there are still so many essential songs not on either that it hurts. Cutting "time" for example, was very difficult, and only including one song from Bawlers, and not finding a place for "Nirvana," and finding "Step Right Up" to jangly yet to flow, and not knowing what to do with "Russian Wedding Dance" and leaving off the last two tracks from Closing Time, and "Day After Tomorrow" and "Sins of My Father" both being too long or adding too much slow to the pace of the mix, which I tried so hard to balance, to the oddness of "In the Colisseum" and the grit and truth of "Get Behind teh Mule" and "Cold Water"....

I see what your pal is getting at. Personally, I like the music of the earlier stuff; it is just very limited and best serves romantic times or maudlin drinking or a bit of both (Watch out! Moltov Cocktail!), but I have occasionally reading the lyrics from the early years in the book that I have, and they read well as poems. Yet that is also flawed, because the lyrics of his early years also pales in comparison to the genius of sound and imagery and synasthesia mixed with potent and nostalgic stortytelling for busted-hearted rogues in his later work.

frankie teardrop said...

for the sake of a challenge, not that you actually have to listen to this version, but i implore you to cut that down to 13 songs tops. i know i could have done better with a few extra ones up my sleeve. i'd like to see what you'd expend off that (excellent) list. thank you for not repeating anything, by the by.

to respond to chris' 'gun street girl' business, i think it works as an excellent second track more in the vein of 'piggy' (though without that excellent tr-played drum break at the end to climax, did you know that was actually tr playing that? you're welcome), but that more slow and groove bassed track before we get to the real meat of the affair. i think it would be far slower at the end than it would at the beginning.

i agree that the earlier waits music is enjoyable in that more maudlin, romanticized piano by the bar sort of way, but that sort of sound isn't as interesting to me in execution as it is on paper. but he does command it well.

i feel bad we both had to exclude 'time'...but dan has since downloaded bone machine and rain dogs from my computer, so i think he'll be set for a little while...

KLA* said...

13 Bones

1: You Can Never Hold Back Spring
2: Make It Rain
3: Temptation
4: Heartattack and Vine
5: 2:19
6: Hold On
7: Misery is the River of the World
8: November
9: Dirt in the Ground
10: Cold Cold Ground
11: Clap Hands
12: Bottom of the World
13: Come On Up to the House

frankie teardrop said...